Visitors to Spain

Whether you’re visiting Spain for a few weeks or a longer period,
we are here to provide your first contact point in times of need.

Residents in Spain

No matter who you are, it’s good to know there’s someone just a ‘phone call
away who can provide support in times of need.

Working in Partnership

ASSIST Alicante actively seeks to explore innovative collaborative projects
with other not-for-profit organisations who share our values to:

– identify new and innovative opportunities;
– deliver the widest social impact for beneficiaries;
– attract increased project revenue.

Our Values

We believe that all sections of society are equal and that everyone has the right to receive accurate information in an accessible form, to be heard, to be respected, and to make their own informed decisions.

Our Mission

ASSIST Alicante exists to support disadvantaged UK nationals resident in Spain, those visiting Spain, and all members of the community by ensuring their health needs are recognised, their well-being is safeguarded, and their integration into Spanish society promoted.

Our Volunteers

However you volunteer, you will make a difference.
We need your support.
Volunteer Today!

We Need Your Support Today!